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Taberna El Conde
Hispaniola BeachHispaniola Beach

24 August 2016

Protesting residents Playa Laguna Sosúa

Friday morning, several dozen of residents of the Playa Laguna Sosúa neighborhood took to the streets to loudly express their dissatisfaction about the lack of tap water. For several months the neighborhood, situated next to the Sea Horse Ranch complex, has been deprived of tap water. Despite promises made by the management of the water company CORAAPPLATA, to solve the problem in the short term, still nothing happened to solve the problem. The residents including many housewives, shouted that they are tired and desperate by the months-long absence from tap water.
Bewoners Playa Laguna protesteren
Bewoners Playa Laguna protesteren
Most of them are very poor people who are forced now to search for water far away to take it to their homes. After an hour demonstrating some officers of the National Police arrived and admonished the protesters with some coercion to go home again.

Hispaniola Residencial Real EstateHispaniola Residencial Real Estate

23 August 2016

Restaurant Orchidee reopens

Wednesday August 24, the popular restaurant Orchidee reopens again. Tilo is back from a month vacation and is looking forward to get to work again. He is eager to let his customers enjoy his famous, high quality dishes again is his restaurant.
Calle Dr.Rosen 24
Tel: 829-89-12438
Tilo and his team
Tilo and his team

23 August 2016

City Lights now offers pizzas

Starting next Friday, August 26 at City Lights, the kitchen will be expanded with a pizzeria. There is an original pizza oven fired with special aromatic wood installed. Between 5 and 8 PM, they offer 2 pizzas of your choice for the price of one pizza.
City Lights now offers pizzas
City Lights now offers pizzas
Prices for a pizza range from 250 to 400 pesos. The following week the menu will be expanded with dishes like spaghetti, steak, spareribs, half roasted chicken, of course, accompanied by French fries and salad.
Bar / disco and restaurant City Lights is already a big success. It is fairly busy every night with highlights on the weekend. On Friday and Saturday nights the bar and disco is only allowed open until 2 am. But City Lights is packed with partying guests especially in the weekends. We have not forgotten Rancho Típico, but City Lights is fortunately a good alternative.

22 August 2016

'Aly Tupac' performs at Parada Tipica El Choco

The music group Grupo Aly Tupac performs on Saturday evening, August 27 at Parada Tipica el Choco. The musicians hail from Ecuador and are of Indian descent. In 1983 the leader of the band decided to change his Spanish name to an Indian name. He believes his forefathers were Incas and he is very proud of it. Now he is called Aly Tupac which means 'Hero of the Inca'. His band Grupo Aly Tupac (heroes of the Incas) play all kinds of music styles like bachata, merengue, ballads and salsa. Besides the piano, guitar, gourd and Guira the pan flute is very important with this band. The pan flute is after all a typical Indian musical instrument. The band plays fantastic and the audience will be enthusiastic.
Aly Tupac in Parada Tipica El Choco
Aly Tupac in Parada Tipica El Choco

21 August 2016

National park 'El Choco' worth a visit

From Sosúa it is only 10 miles towards Cabarete. On the left side of the road you will see a large sign which refers to the 'Natural Park El Choco'. Make the turn and a few miles further you arrive at the entrance of the park. Why is this area so special? It is an area with many thousands of years old stalactite caves. The area was used as a shelter by the Taino Indians against the raids of the Spaniards under Columbus and his son Diego. Furthermore, it is a lagoon and it is a watery area where rare plants and trees grow. Most plants and trees you find there are imported by the Spanish, French and Dutch around 1600.
El Choco
El Choco
The coconut palm, orange, banana and mango, they are all foreign. The stalactite caves have indeed been hiding places for the Indians. The Taino Indians were used as slaves in the gold mines by the Spanish. They did everything to escape this labor and they sought a safe haven in the lagoon area of Cabarete. An area which is dangerous to walk around without knowledge. The soil is marshy and you can thus disappear into the quicksand. There is no danger today of course if you walk with the guides because they know the way. But the Spaniards didn't dare to go there at first. But they then used bloodhounds to trace the hidden Indians. Today some caves are accessible with a safe staircase. In one of the caves there is a pool with fresh water where visitors can take a dip. It is although a bit on the cool side. There are also termite nests, termites were eaten by the Indians. They seem to have a peppery flavor. The Taino Indians used the termites for seasoning the food. The trip through the area last an hour and a quarter and it’s an excursion that we can recommend.

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