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Taberna El Conde
Hispaniola BeachHispaniola Beach

5 May 2016

Patronales Puerto Plata adapted to cruise ship passengers

The Patronales festivities took place from 25 April to 3 May at the Town Hall square and there were performances by dance groups, music groups, theater performances and exhibitions. Of course, the festival was traditionally opened and closed at the end with the celebration of a Holy Mass, in the at the Town Hall situated St. Felipe Cathedral.
Patronales Puerto Plata
Patronales Puerto Plata
But this year the program was clearly tailored to the tastes of the older cruise ship tourist. This time fewer merengue, bachata and salsa music performances, but more jazz, classical music, classical ballet, folk dance and many stalls selling trinkets. Despite the rain showers of the last days, this year's Patronales festivities were successful again. This year's celebrations were indeed frequently visited by tourists, i.e. the cruise ship passengers. The shopkeeper did earn more money this year. Thus adapting the program to the tastes of the older cruise ship passenger has been successful.

Hispaniola Residencial Real EstateHispaniola Residencial Real Estate

4 May 2016

Outstanding students decorated

Recently Mayor Ilana Neumann awarded a certificate of excellence to forty students. The ceremony took place at the Centro de Convenciones (the upper chamber of the Sosúa Bay Casino) in the presence of parents, principals, commanders (police and Air Force) and local councilors. The pupils distinguished themselves this year in all school subjects. According to the mayor, the students have been rewarded with a certificate of excellence and an incentive prize of 10,000 pesos to stimulate them to continue their studies at a university.
Outstanding students decorated
Outstanding students decorated

3 May 2016

The lobster is now an endangered species

From March 1 to June 30 there is a ban on fishing and the consumption of all types of lobster throughout the Dominican Republic.
The lobster
The lobster
In recent years, the lobster population has diminished dramatically caused by overfishing. It is feared that, if no action is taken against overfishing, the lobster will become a rarity. Despite this prohibition and the threat of heavy fines for violations ($ 50,000 or 10 years in prison), the lobster is still on the menu at many restaurants during these months. In Sosúa most restaurants comply with this ban. If we also want to enjoy lobster in the future, then a periodically stop on the fishing and consumption of lobster is a prerequisite where every Dominican and tourist will have to adhere to.

2 May 2016

Heavy rainfall causes many floods

Thursday afternoon and evening tremendous downpours, that lasted for hours, hit the north coast, therefore also Sosúa. Almost all villages and hamlets on the north coast were affected by floods because in many places the drains were clogged, or otherwise could not handle the tremendous amount of water. In Sosúa Abajo, Villa Bethania, and Maranatha the water in the streets stood knee-deep and many houses suffered flooding. In El Batey, the tourist center of Sosúa, there was hardly any flooding. Mayor Ilana Neumann had the sewage system cleaned and improved last year.
Rain in Sosúa
Rain in Sosúa
Therefore most of the tourists in Sosúa could keep their feet dry.
For this week, fortunately better and sunnier weather is expected.

1 May 2016

Austin Smiles International Foundation

Surgeons of the Austin Smiles International Foundation (USA) will provide free plastic surgery for the people of the north coast from Monday, May 2nd until Thursday, May 5th.
Austin Smiles International Foundation
Austin Smiles International Foundation
This also applies to residents of Cabarete, Sosúa, Montellano and Puerto Plata. The foundation offers corrective surgery for a cleft lip, cleft palate and blockages in the respiratory system by fistulas. These explicitly are not beauty corrections. The surgeries are performed in the operating room of Medical Center Bournigal in Puerto Plata. People interested should report on Sunday May 1st from 7 pm at the Medical Center Boernigal for a screening. For more information one can contact Sandra tel. No. (809) 978 5616, or Kenya Loen de Desangles, tel. No. (809) 671 5674.

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