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25 March 2017

Heavy rain showers again in Sosúa

It seems a repetition of the heavy rain showers of October and November last year. Again, it rains for several consecutive days associated with major flooding. During the rains almost every street of Sosúa is inundated, sometimes up to two feet deep as it happened in the street from City Hall (Calle Ayuntamiento). The new wells opposite the Rumba Bar and Bar Central seem to work good as the rainwater disappears rapidly. But in the other neighborhoods like Maranatha, La Unión and Los Castillos the people once again suffer a lot under the flooding.
Calle  Pedro Clisante
Calle Pedro Clisante
Calle  Ayuntamiento
Calle Ayuntamiento
The Sosúa river bursted its banks causing the water to flood several houses. Because the river was dredged and the obstacles as trash and fallen trees were removed, it is not as bad as it was. Volunteers of the civil guard offer help where possible. Bringing furniture to dry spots and handing out dry clothing. According to the forecasts, the storm continues until Monday. Then the sun, as promised will break through again.

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24 March 2017

Cancelled due to the rain, Sorry!
Cancelled due to the rain, Sorry!

24 March 2017

Semana Santa Bazaar

On Saturday and Sunday April 8 and 9 there is again a bazaar planned in the park of the flowers in Sosúa. The park of the flowers (parque las flores) is located next to the Sosúa Bay Casino. Again this year there will be many covered stalls selling all kinds of merchandise like trinkets, clothing, food and drink.
Semana Santa Bazaar
Semana Santa Bazaar
On the elevated plaza in the park demonstrations will take place from different groups practicing in Casa de Arte. The visitors to the bazaar can enjoy the Sosúa choir under the direction of Manuel Molina and a dressage demonstration by the 'Singing Horse Foundation' from El Choco among others. The string orchestra will also do a performance. Furthermore, a lottery will be held. This sympathetic initiative deserves more attention and appreciation and we hope that this year there will be more people visiting the bazaar with some sunny weather.
For more information or if you want to help: 809 907 4445

23 March 2017

Civil guard preparing for Semana Santa

The civil guard in Sosúa (la Defensa Civil de Sosúa) started a first aid course for volunteers. The course consists of theory and practical lessons. The civil guard is now chaired by Rafael Garcia Arvelo and he has organized this first aid course, which takes several weeks, for the volunteers who will help during the holidays of Semana Santa. Semana Santa is the name used in Spanish-speaking countries for Holy Week, the week before Easter.
First aid course Defensa Civil Sosúa
First aid course Defensa Civil Sosúa
First aid course Defensa Civil Sosúa
First aid course Defensa Civil Sosúa
During Semana Santa almost all Dominicans go to the seaside resorts (including Sosúa), to spend the holiday week there. The Dominicans party with lots of good food, drink and dance and music. Unfortunately, some revelers drink too much, and that leads to many accidents every year. The first aid squad of the Civil Guard must often come to help in order to save lives. But fortunately they are all well prepared thanks to these courses.

22 March 2017

Sosúa Fishermen follow course environmental management

Recently 29 fishermen, who have their accommodation at the mouth of the river Sosúa, went to the capital of Santo Domingo. They were invited by the Ministry of Marine and Environment to attend a course about responsible environmental management of fishing. Fish stocks along the coasts of the Dominican Republic dramatically declined in recent years caused by pollution of the ocean and overfishing. The coral has also been severely damaged by pollution, global warming and overfishing. In the course, the fishermen were taught what the impact of these threats to fish stocks mean. But also that it is a threat to the income of fishermen because they will have to go further and further on to the ocean with their small boats to catch enough fish.
Course environmental management
Course environmental management
The course showed them solutions and tools to maintain their jobs with sustainable fisheries.

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