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Hispaniola BeachHispaniola Beach

19 January 2017

National Holiday 'dia de Altagracia'

On January 21, the national holiday Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia (or popularly the day of Altagracia) is held. Thousands of Catholic believers go on pilgrimage to the Basilica of Higúey to pray for health and happiness in this immense church on this day. The basilica is built in honor of the Virgin Altagracia. In the center of the basilica therefore stands a very big statue in bright colors representing the Virgin of Altagracia. Also in Sosúa the Catholic faithful celebrate the day of the Virgin (el Dia de La Altagracia). In the afternoon there will be held a celebration to honor her at the Centro de Convenciones (the upper chamber of Sosúa Bay Casino) with a lot of singing and music.
Basílica Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia (Higüey)
Basílica Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia
There is also planned a special bus trip from Charamicos to the Basilica in Higüey.

Hispaniola Residencial Real EstateHispaniola Residencial Real Estate

18 January 2017

Whale watching in the Bay of Sosúa?

At a press conference in Samaná (Wednesday, January 11th) Francisco Dominguez Brito, the environment minister, announced the start of the whale watching season. The season runs from January 15th to March 15th. At the meeting were representatives of environmental organizations, the Ministry of Tourism and business people present.
Whale watching
Whale watching
The Environment Minister emphasized in his speech that it is necessary to keep distance and not to disturb the whales. The humpback whales come from the North Atlantic Ocean to the shores of the Dominican Republic this time of the year to mate and give birth to their young. But where they can be seen in large numbers, is in the National Park 'Los Haitises' at the peninsula of Samaná.
Last year the humpback whale has been spotted regularly near the coast of Sosúa and Puerto Plata, and that is really special and exceptional. If we have the same luck as last year, to be able to observe these mighty mammals in the bay of Sosúa is not certain.

17 January 2017

Excellent party with El Lince de la Bachata

El Lince (the liynx) de la Bachata performed Saturday January 14 at the restaurant Parada Tipica El Choco. The entire restaurant was packed with enthusiastic music and dance lovers. Marco, the owner of the restaurant was sure to have 120 guests in the restaurant. Among them this time also many Dominicans. No wonder, because the eight musicians of the band played really excellent bachata's, merengue's and salsas.
El Lince de la Bachata

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El Lince de la Bachata
El Lince de la Bachata
Especially the merengue songs were highly appreciated since the not so skilled dancers could also move around the dance floor. The audience liked the band so much, many of them asked Marco and Jacqueline to contract the band more often. Marco promised them that the band 'El Lince de la Bachata' will perform once a month for the near future at the restaurant. So the Dominican music lovers can be satisfied.
El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata El Lince de la Bachata

16 January 2017

Bar Central with a new façade

They haven't finished yet, to replace the façade of the popular bar Central (hotel) in the main street Pedro Clisante, right next to the Merengue bar. The old façade with hinged windows is torn down and replaced with a new 3 feet high wall where the new windows will be placed. Bar Central is primarily a meeting place for the German community. The music is very good and varied and they always have a cold Bohemia beer for you.
Bar Central
Bar Central
Bar Central
Bar Central
The bar is fitted with some large flat screen TVs to show music videos and all important sports games. Now the white painted wall is pleasant for the visitors because it provides a nice hangout. Contact with between visitors of the bar and passersby is as it used to be. Unfortunately, it will again soon belong to the past when the windows and doors have been placed in the coming days.

15 January 2017

Traffic police hunt for sticker-free cars

The traffic police (AMET) has stopped dozens of cars in Sosúa which didn't have a new Marbete sticker on the windscreen.
Every year a car owner has to purchase a new Marbete sticker, which is prove he has paid the yearly vehicle tax. According to the newspaper Listin Diario, since January 6, the last day to pay for the sticker, more than 2000 vehicles have been stopped, the car taken from the road and the driver fined. The fine for the car owner, besides the price for the Marbete, is 900 pesos. A gang of Marbete forgers has also been uncovered in the capital Santo Domingo. The gang was led by a gang leader 'Rubio' who sold forged Marbetes at half the price.

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