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20 August 2014

A Saturday evening in the Pedro Clisante

For several months now, the main street Pedro Clisante, from the Bermuda Bar (better known as the bar of Fat Herman) to pizzeria Little NY Pizza (formerly Pluto Bar or Happy Bar) is closed for traffic every evening. It took some time getting used to it and because of the low season there have not been many people. The street appeared deserted without any nightlife. But since a few weeks the Saturday evenings are full of fun. At 6 PM starts craft time at long tables for boys and girls from 6 to 14 years old.
Pedro Clisante
Pedro Clisante
Pedro Clisante
Pedro Clisante
Next they show a movie on a big screen or there is a performance of a good music band. Last Saturday night the restaurants placed their tables in the street where many people came to sit. Almost all tables were occupied with drinking, eating and socializing guests. There were not only many tourists, but also many Dominicans, who spend a weekend at Casa Marina, showed up in the Pedro Clisante. Will they succeed to transform the Pedro Clisante into a nightlife center where everyone, even families, can enjoy themselves?
Source: Sosúa mi Pueblo

19 August 2014

Mayor takes stock and lashes out at critics

Recently, Mayor Ilana Neumann of Sosúa took stock of her reign during 2013 - 2014. She did this in the presence of representatives of neighborhood committees, commanders of the police and military and politicians from different political parties. She lashed out to critics who want to denigrate her with false information, gossip and lies. She called them 'wolves in sheep's clothing'.
Then she gave a summary of the results achieved for the benefit of the community of Sosúa. The Villa Liberación neighborhood now has a community center where training, information- and health activities take place. It is a poor neighborhood and the unemployment rate is very high. Furthermore, a cultural center (Casa de Arte) opened in the past period. More than hundred children receive music, ballet, painting and singing lessons. There are also dozens of youth workshops, including the manufacturing of jewelry. The mayor said the cultural center of Sosúa has a leading role for the province of Puerto Plata. 22 students take violin lessons from teacher Venus Guerrero. Furthermore the municipal choir rehearses here and there are regular art exhibitions. Even some important writers have been invited to bring their literary work under the attention of the audience.
In addition, the local authority has supported several cultural activities as the annual Gourmet Festival, the Jazz Festival and the Intensive School Development.
Ilana Neumann
Ilana Neumann
This school program is intended to reward outstanding students and to encourage further study. Furthermore, the mayor named contributions to religious organizations and the establishment of a literacy program. Also several sports clubs received financial support and sports equipment. The fire brigade and ambulance service received fuel all together worth one million pesos! Furthermore, sports centers were built or renovated. The garbage collection has been improved, and several garbage bins have been placed at various locations. The mayor ended with fierce criticism of her opponents and the way in which they try to denigrate her. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but gossip, lies and obstruction is counterproductive for the community of Sosúa. But she also had a point of self-criticism. The communication with the public could be better and this is where she will work on for the next period.
Information and photos: Félix Corona
(Press officer municipality Sosúa)

18 August 2014

Heather Maxwell at Parada Típica El Choco in concert

Heather Maxwell
Heather Maxwell
Friday August 29, the versatile singer Heather Maxwell performs at the Parada Típica El Choco restaurant. She will be accompanied by the classic rock band 'The Dropouts' led by Steve Wilson. Heather Maxwell performs various musical styles including Afro-soul. She performed with her seven-member band at the Chicago World Music Festival and the Festival Sur le Niger. She also performed regularly on the radio program 'Music Time in Africa' and the 'Africa Music Director' of the Voice of America. So Friday August 29 during your dinner, you can enjoy the beautiful voice of Heather Maxwell and the swinging music of the classic rock band 'The Dropouts'. We recommend you to book a table in advance because it will be quite busy. Do you want more information or book a table, please call Marco and Jacqueline.
Tel: 809 804-2510

17 August 2014

Multicultural Gourmet Festival 2014

Friday 26 September and Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 September in Sosúa, this time for the fourth year, the Multicultural Gourmet Festival takes place. The festival is organized by TURISOPP (organization for the development of tourism) and will take place in the park 'Las Flores' next to the Sosúa Bay Casino in the resort town. Lovers of good food can then enjoy a varied menu consisting of the best dishes from 40 different countries. Several restaurants in Sosúa and immediate surroundings will provide these dishes. During the Gourmet festival, musicians and artists will do performances.
Festival Multicultural
Festival Multicultural
The festival closes on Sunday night with a nationally known merengue band. Last year it was the nationally famous and well known band of Ruby Pérez.

16 August 2014

1 billion peso revenue, cruise port Maimón

At the end of the year, the new cruise ship port in Maimón should finally be ready. Then the cruise ships of the Carnival Cruise Line company will daily arrive at the port. The government is very optimistic about the economic gain for the north coast. Lorenzo Sancassani (Director of Tourism) said it could be a turnover of over one billion pesos in the first year. He calculated that, on average, each cruise ship passenger spends $ 100 on a trip to Maimón and Puerto Plata. According to the director of tourism they expect in the first year up to 300,000 passengers.
Carnival Conquest
Carnival Conquest
At a rate of 44 pesos to the dollar this makes over a billion pesos for the various businesses in Maimón and Puerto Plata. Then there are the revenues from maintenance of the cruise terminal, port taxes, food, drink and fuel. He estimates that at least 1,200 people will find a job in the tourist industry. Of course, much remains to be done in the area on staff training, infrastructure and tourist attractions. Currently the historic center of Puerto Plata is being completely renovated. They are also working on the construction of an amphitheater at the end of the Malecón. 3,500 visitors can find a seat in the theater. The intention is that this theater is used for all kinds of cultural activities. But it is obvious that the cruise ship port in Maimón will give the North Coast a huge economic boost. To what extent Sosúa and Cabarete will benefit from these developments is not yet entirely clear.
Source: Puerto Plata Habla

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