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14 December 2011

Detras del Rumor acts against women's arbitrary arrest

The website and TV program 'Detras del Rumor' acts in strong terms against arbitrary arrests of women in Sosúa. According to Detras del Rumor, women who have in no way violated any law, have been arrested and put in prison. Every night, according to the information source, dozens of women have been locked up in prison. Without exception, the women are accused of prostitution. According to Detras del Rumor the Tourist Police (Politur) violate several laws. The arrest of citizens without proof is also in the Dominican Republic prohibited. It's raining complaints during the live broadcast of TV program Detras del Rumor by women who feel treated unfair. Amnesty International has expressed serious concern about this violation of basic human rights and announced further investigation. Moreover, even many visitors from Santiago and other cities have declared that they no longer visit Sosúa for a holiday stay.
Politur officers violate human rights
Politur officers violate human rights
They are, they say, approached rude and aggressive by the Tourist Police. In Sosúa it is almost impossible for a woman to walk the streets safely alone. The authors of the program Detras del Rumor have called on all citizens of Sosúa to protest against this violation of basic human rights. They also call on the President Leonel Fernández of the Dominican Republic to end these offenses.
Source: Detras del Rumor

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