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27 January 2018

AMET active again in Sosúa

The traffic police (AMET) is very active again in Sosúa. Motorbike drivers not wearing a helmet or not being in the possession of valid documents are the main target. Wednesday afternoon the AMET officers set up their checkpoint in the main street Pedro Clisante near the Century 21 office. The officers were now even equipped with fast motorbikes. The AMET equipment is improving. If they catch you without a helmet, the bike is not seized anymore (if one can show the correct documents of course) and the fine can be paid at a local bank. The fine for riding without a helmet appears to be 5,000 pesos! Also many cars have been stopped and fined without valid Marbete sticker on the windshield.
So put your helmet on when you use your motorbike or scooter and remember to stick the new Marbete on the windscreen of your car. You can not escape the AMET anymore now with their new fast bikes.

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