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30 January 2018

Parade in honor of the birthday of Father of the fatherland

Friday January 26 the birthday (January 26, 1813) of Juan Pablo Duarte was celebrated. Juan Pablo Duarte is considered the founder and 'father of the fatherland', who, in 1844 together with Ramón Mella and Francisco Sánchez, drove back the Haitian occupiers and proclaimed the (first) independent Dominican Republic (República Dominicana). Until today, Duarte is a symbol of 'freedom' and many streets, buildings, bridges and the highest mountain in the country bear his name.
Padre de la Patria
Padre de la Patria
Padre de la Patria
Padre de la Patria
Early in the morning there was a meeting at the arbor of the park of the flags in Sosúa. Mayor Ilana Neumann and pastor Lorenzo Burgos De la Cruz gave impassioned speeches about Pablo Duarte's freedom struggle. Then the military band played the national anthem and the students from the different schools accompanied by marching bands marched through the streets of El Batey.

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